Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine-

Treating the Root Cause- Not Just the Symptoms

Functional Medicine is a science based, healthcare approach that assesses and treats the underlying causes of illness through individually tailored therapies to restore health and improve function.

Science based- Functional medicine uses advanced blood and urine testing to test for the many of the following issues:

Nutritional deficiencies Metabolic imbalances Parasites
Intestinal permeabilityAmino acid imbalances Amino acid imbalances Fungus
Adrenal insufficiency Environmental toxins Candida
Hormonal imbalances Oxidative stress Allergies

Underlying Cause: Most health care treats the symptoms instead of the cause. For example, if you go to the doctor with high blood pressure, they will give you a drug to lower blood pressure without ever addressing the reason you have high blood pressure. Utilizing the advanced testing, Functional medicine can usually identify the root cause of a disease or condition. Then you can treat the body as a whole instead of just treating a symptom.

Individually Each patient is unique. No two people have the same exact issue. As a result, finding the root cause in each individual will vary greatly. Once the root cause is identified in that individual, then a treatment plan can be customized for that person. The treatment varies greatly from patient to patient.

Restore health- Most medications cover up a symptom, they do not restore the person to health. Functional medicine helps restore a person to health because it treats the root cause of the problem.

Improve Function- Once the root cause is identified, the treatment can help the body to start working properly once again. One Function is restored, most of the times the symptoms will decrease and health can return.

What are the most common Diseases and conditions that Functional Medicine can treat?

Autoimmune disorders- This includes Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Lupus plus a variety of others.

Fibromyalgia- Many times Fibromyalgia is a nutritional deficiency. Identifying that deficiency can be the key to correcting the Fibromyalgia.

Adrenal Fatigue- Too many people are tired all the time. Identifying why you are tired can make all the difference in restoring your energy.

High Cholesterol- Cholesterol is an important molecule in our body. It is the building blocks for many other things in our body including hormones, cell membranes, and vitamins. If you are low in any of those areas or if you have a lot of stress, you body will compensate by raising your cholesterol. Finding the system that is not functioning properly is the key to correcting cholesterol issues.

High Blood Pressure – There are many reasons for high blood pressure. However, most medical doctors treat the symptom of high blood pressure without searching for the root cause. Functional Medicine will help find the root cause so that the blood pressure can return to normal levels naturally.

Hormone Issues – many people are suffering because of low hormones. This includes both males and females. There are many reasons for low hormones. Finding the cause of the low hormones is critical to correcting the issue and restoring the body to health.

Unknown Health Issues- Many patients are frustrated because their doctors have been unable to find what is happening with their body. Functional medicine can help break through that barrier by running advanced tests that most MD’s do not run.

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